Today I launched my Certified Healthcare Constructor (CHC) practice exam.  It’s been a lot of work up to this point, but it’s great to have it up and available.  

I thought it may be appropriate to add a little background information.  In 2015 when I was studying for the CHC exam, I looked and searched for resources available and found an extremely limited amount of information and study guides available.  The CHC credential had been launched only about 5 years earlier by ASHE, and was still in its infancy.  Ultimately, I pulled from a lot of CHFM study materials, but supplemented those with other information.  To help myself study, I wrote practice exam questions.  By the time I was ready to sit for the exam, I had about 100 questions or so drafted up, in addition to the free CHFM practice questions available at the time.  

In the past 3 years there’s starting to be more information available, including a page on ASHE’s CHC website with CHC preparation resources.  Unfortunately, much of the information can be costly to assemble.  After ASHE listed the preparation resources, I recalled my frustrations with finding suitable study materials, and immediately thought of the practice questions I had written.  I reviewed, updated, and expanded the selection so now there are 200 questions available to help round out your study efforts.  I will update them periodically as the codes update.  

I set my pricepoint under $100 so it’s economical for those who don’t want a whole course, but do want something to polish off their preparation before they take the real test.  Lets face it: you’ve been working in healthcare construction for several years before you even consider taking the certification test.  There’s a lot you know, and a few areas that you don’t work as regularly in.  You don’t want to take a few days off work to take a course.  This quiz will help you study.  I also made it available for 180 days.  This gives more value than options which cost more, but only allow you to take a practice exam one time.