Employed vs. Employable

Are you securely employed?  

Have you been impacted by an unstable economy?  

Do you desire more security?  

Do you want to know the secret to being securely employed?

I’ve thought quite a bit about this and have concluded that job security is not equal to being employed.  Instead, job security comes from being employable.  Now before you shout me down or write me off for being crazy, hear me out. Yes, there is an assurance and confidence associated with being employed, being a producer and productive.  But having a job isn’t enough to be secure.  I’ve had jobs before where I felt little to no job security.  Yes, I had work, but at one place I was limited by the glass ceiling of not being family in a family-owned business.  Another job I had was a never ending stream of brainless tasks.  Moving irrigation lines on a dairy farm was another job that wasn’t going to go away any time soon.  We’ve all been there, or know somebody that has.  But an enjoyable life is more than that.   All of these jobs were just that- jobs.  Clock in for a paycheck.  Getting paid to do, not to think.  Jobs that became so miserable that I brought them home with me.  Those were the worst ones, the ones my wife encouraged me to quit because being miserable wasn’t worth the paycheck.  Where’s the security in that?  There is none.

How to be employable

What’s the solution, the secret of being securely employed?  Simple, it’s to be employable.  This goes beyond showing up on time and working hard, but certainly includes those.  You don’t even have to be passionate about your job.  We’ve all heard the line about doing what you love and making it work.  For most of us that’s not a realistic option.  I picked the compromise of finding a career that I enjoy that I can support a family on rather then being a fishing guide and living a reduced lifestyle.  I’m happy with what I do and can imagine doing it for the next 30 years.  There’s room to grow, it challenges me, and I have the qualifications that if I were fired tomorrow I could go and find another job within a reasonable time.  Now that’s the secret of job security! I’m not just employed, I’m employable.
I suppose you’re wondering how this ties in to Health Facility Pro.  Simple. I’ve found a career that I enjoy (note the distinction between being enjoyable and being passionate), and have worked to increase my competencies and abilities within that field.  This work is shown to others in part by the certifications I have received.  Now, I want to encourage and help others working in healthcare facilities management and construction to do the same.  

It’s a challenging field, but one that is enjoyable and highly rewarding and in which job security can be found.